Indian Motorcycles FTR Carbon…because carbon-fibre makes everything better

Indian Motorcycles FTR Carbon

Looking for something with a littler retro cool and more than a liberal sprinkling of carbon-fibre? Check out the Indian Motorcycles FTR Carbon.

Carbon-fibre makes everything better, right? Enter the Indian Motorcycles FTR Carbon. On-sale now in Australia from $26,995 ride-away, this thing looks awesome. 

Drawing inspiration from the brand’s flat track racing heritage and the FTR 750 racing bike, the FTR Carbon features a red trellis frame with fully adjustable front and rear suspension for tinkerers to fiddle with the thing and get the right setup for them. To keep the centre of gravity low, the fuel tank has been placed under the seat and the exhaust mounted nice and low.

Speaking of the exhaust, you get an Akrapovic two-into-one exhaust system as standard so it should sound the business. The 1203cc V-twin engine makes 120Nm at 5900rpm and the stoppers are four-piston calipers and 320mm dual rotors at the front and two-piston 260mm single rotor at the back.

There are three riding modes, Sport, Standard and Rain with switchable traction control, stability control,  wheelie mitigation and ABS. In place of analogue gauges you also get a 4.3-inch LCD screen running Indian Motorcycle’s Ride Command system with Bluetooth connectivity.

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