Ironman 4×4 releases Suzuki Jimny GVM upgrade

Ironman 4x4 Suzuki Jimny GVM upgrade

Ironman 4×4 has announced its GVM upgrade for the Suzuki Jimny, boosting the GVM by a much-needed 350kg to 1785kg.

Guess which has the most payload – a Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series Sahara, or a Suzuki Jimny GJ with Ironman’s GVM upgrade kit. Yes, you know the answer…the Jimny!

The standard Jimny specs are a front axle load limit of 680kg and rear of 800kg, totalling 1480kg, with a GVM of 1435kg. Ironman have re-rated the axles to 800kg at the front, and 1100kg at the rear, totalling 1900kg and with a new GVM of 1785kg. That means payload jumps from about 340kg to around 690kg, a huge increase and about 80kg more than an LC200!

The kit costs from $2,571, with freight, fitting and engineering sign-off for post-reg extra. Not sure what pre, post and axle-sum GVM upgrades are? Read our explanation here.

Jimny owners definitely need a GVM upgrade, as Ironman’s own graphic shows:

That’s a total of 526kg of gear, and while I’d quibble about some of the weights, the point is that if you assume two people weigh 170kg then out of your 340kg total you have just another 170kg for everything else, and that will rapidly disappear with all accessories and replacement gear you’d fit, and the stuff you’d want to take with you.

Obviously now the next step is a power upgrade as a 1.8t Jimny is going to working its gearbox very hard, but we know people working on that!

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