Is the Mercury 250 Mk2 Australia’s coolest Learner Legal motorbike?

Is the Mercury Mk2 the coolest learner legal bike

The brainchild of Sol Invictus, the Mercury 250 Mk2 might just be the country’s coolest Learner Legal motorbike.

Stripped back and minimalist in its design, the Mercury 250 from Sol Invictus oozes inner city cool. Not an evolution of the original Mercury 250 cafe racer, the Mk2 offers a tweaked design and a more powerful engine.

It’s still on the Learner Legal list with Sol Invictus saying the Mercury 250 can be customised like any of its other bikes. The engine is a single-cylinder four-stroke 250 making 14.5kW and 21Nm of torque and features a Delphi electronic fuel injection system. The transmission is a five-speeder, the fuel tank holds 15L and the front brakes are hydraulic twin-piston disc with a double-piston disc at the rear. It weighs 118kg.

Mercury 250 Mk2

For a motorbike to be Learner Legal it needs to have less than 25kW and, if it was built before 1960 a capacity of less than 660cc or 260cc for bikes built since then. That said, there are a few exceptions, like the Suzuki RGV250, Kawasaki KR250 (KR-1 and KR1s models), Honda NSR250, Yamaha TZR250, and Aprila RS250. These bikes are not legal for learners to ride.

The Mercury 250 offers a two-year warranty and is priced from $4999 plus on-road costs. So, is this the coolest Learner Legal bike in the country?

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