Just add water to reduce risk of aquaplaning, says Bosch…

EasyRain, Bosch and ItalDesign collaborate on aquaplaning technology

The answer to reducing the risk of aquaplaning is adding water, according to EasyRain, Bosch and ItalDesign. What the?!

We’ve all been bombing along the road, hit a patch of water on the road and felt that sphincter quivering sensation of absolutely no grip. Well, according to EasyRain, Bosh and ItalDesign the way to prevent aquaplaning is to add more water…

All three companies are collaborating on a project they’re calling Aquaplaning Intelligent Solutions (AIS). The nutshell idea is that sensors fitted to the vehicle detect a loss of traction due to excess water and then fire a jet of water ahead of the wheels to clear away the puddle of water, allowing the tyres to maintain grip. The water is taken from the windscreen wiper tank…so you’ll need to make sure it’s always filled to the brim.

The plan is to move into the next phase of development which is expected to last until the latter half of next year (2021) leading to the development of a level B prototype that will be integrated on an Audi A6 car. 

“Our mission is to increase road safety, our belief is to save lives: this is what we have been working on for years. We are very proud and excited to have signed a very important agreement with two leading companies in the automotive sector such as Italdesign and Bosch, who believe in the strength of our project as well as in the positive impacts that our solution may have on improving road safety” says Giovanni Blandina, EasyRain CTO.

“Thanks to the fruitful collaboration with Italdesign, we have scrupulously worked to find the necessary solutions to bring our research into an automotive product. With the new entry of Bosch as well, not only have we been able to create an incredibly motivated and enthusiastic work team, but we have undertaken this new phase of development, aware of the great technical challenges that lie ahead. At the end of this process we will be able to show the final version of our A.I.S security system in order to demonstrate all its incredible potential and to finally let it be tested by car manufacturers”.

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