Ken Block teaches his 13-year old daughter how to drift his Ford Escort

When your dad is the top Hoonigan, it makes sense he’ll get you behind the wheel sooner or later…and teach you to drift his Ford Escort.

Anyone who was a kid in the 1980s and lived in the country was either taught how to drive in a paddock when they weren’t legally allowed to, or got to sit on a parent’s lap and steer the car. But drifting. No way.

That’s not stopped Ken Block who has dropped a video showing him teaching his daughter how to drift his 1982 Mk2 Ford Escort which ain’t your average Escort. The perfect weapon to teach someone to drive sideways.

Having taught his daughter, Lia, to use a manual just a few days earlier, the Blocks wasted no time in getting out to the Utah Motorsports Campus. After a day of practicing, Lia is eventually able to drift the Escort around a central cone. Look out world, there’s another Block on the road.

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Isaac Bober has been writing about cars and 4x4s for more than 20 years, has worked on some of the country's biggest motoring magazines (remember what they were?), and launched Practical Motoring. Now he's back, back again... to share dad jokes and much more.