Kia developing new military ATV…could lead to full-size 4×4

Kia reveals military ATV

Kia developing a new military ATV which will be trialled by the Korean Army next year.

Kia is joining the army. These are renderings of the military ATV it plans to handover to the Korean Army next year (2021) with the brand announcing it will be building a standard platform for next-generation military vehicles. Kia said it’s planning on military deployment by 2024.

The military ATV is a joint development between Kia and the Korean military and the intention is for this new vehicle (and its derivations) to be used as a replacement of the 2.5-tonne and 5-tonne military vehicles currently in use, and includes the development of a new 5-tonne bulletproof vehicle.

Kia said the standard vehicles will be equipped with 7.0-litre diesel engines and automatic transmissions, as well as ABS and Anti-Spin Regulator (ASR), Rear Parking Assist, Around View Monitor, satellite navigation and hot wire seats.

The idea is the vehicles will be used to develop a range of derivative vehicles going forward, those carrying different weapons systems, to others with specialised specifications and technologies.

Reading through the news, sure, it’s interesting, but the bit that stood out to us was the notion the donor chassis for the prototype will be developed from the Mohave, Kia’s large SUV. We’re thinking this could lead to the development of a full-size 4×4 down the track. Maybe. Indeed, Kia said, “Kia will continue to grow its reputation as an SUV brand by applying technology and know-how from military vehicle development to improve the durability of its road-going SUVs”.

In addition to the modular platform ATV, Kia’s also developing a replacement light tactical vehicle for the Korean military. This will replace the existing 0.25-, 1.25-, 2.5- and 5-tonne vehicles (with the new modular ATV rolling out from 2024). The vehicle was equipped with the engine, automatic transmission and brake system from the Kia Mohave, as well as four-wheel drive.

Kia said it will be exploring the development of fuel cell technology for use in military vehicles. “Fuel cell technology is considered suitable for future military vehicles as it can supply large amounts of electricity in combat environments,” Kia said.

But this isn’t new for Kia. To date, it’s provided nine vehicle types to the Korean military and produced more than 140,000 vehicles.

Kia reveals military ATV

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