Knight Rider is making a big screen comeback

Knight Rider remake coming to the big screen

The world’s most famous talking car, KITT, is reportedly coming to the big screen via Aquaman director James Wan.

Details are very thin, but Deadline is reporting that the world’s most famous talking car, KITT and the 1980s cult TV show that made it a household name (and David Hasselhoff too) Knight Rider is heading to the big screen.

The film’s rumoured director, James Wan was responsible for Aquaman, arguably the best of the DC superhero movies, with writing duties falling to videogame writer and screenwriter, TJ Fixman. It’s understood the plot of the film will follow the anti-establishment vibe of the original TV show but be set in the present day.

When news broke, TJ Fixman took to social media, writing: “Knight Rider was one of my favourite shows as a kid, so this feels like I just stepped through a time portal and high-fived my 8-year old self”.

Here’s hoping that KITT – Knight Industries Two Thousand is a Pontiac Trans Am and not a modern car with a flashing light across the bonnet. Will the plot involve Michael Knight’s grandchild finding the car in a barn? Who knows, but please don’t let KITT be a modern car because I reckon that would stink, but what about you?

And if you need a reminder of just why KITT is the greatest car on earth, watch this: