Kumho Road Venture MT71 mud terrain tyres land Down Under

Road Venture MT71

Kumho tyre has released its all-new mud-terrain tyre, the Road Venture MT71 which is available now and in 27 different sizes up to 20-inches.

Kumho Tyre Australia is hoping its all-new mud-terrain tyre will make an impression on Aussies, claiming it’ll “redefine the serious 4WD market”. 

Available in 27 different sizes and covering wheel sizes from 15- to 20-inches, the Road Venture MT71 will cover a bunch of different off-roaders from rugged to luxury vehicles.

It’s built pretty strong with Kumho claiming it designed the tyre after testing with a variety of different vehicles, from utes to wagons. The Road Venture MT71 contains seven integrated steel and fabric layers, three-ply high-strength construction, two steel cord layers  and two nylon protection plies.

Anyone who’s driven on a muddy will know how noisy they can be, but Kumho reckons the Road Venture MT71 is a lot quieter than other muddies thanks to its packed centre block and dual pitch tread design “with a pattern design which utilises the theories of fluid mechanics for enhanced wet performance, climbing ability and traction both on- and off-road”.

“The Road Venture MT71 is a cornerstone product for Kumho because it will deliver the highest level of performance at a truly competitive price and will we believe redefine the serious 4WD tyre market,” said Kenny Chun, National Marketing Manager for Kumho Tyre  Australia.

Pricing for tyres is all over the place so make sure you give your local tyre centre a call for pricing on the new Road Venture MT71s.

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