Limited-Edition Bugatti Baby II is the ultimate “toy” car…huh?

Bugatti Baby II goes into production

Not sure what to buy your teen for their birthday? Check out this three-quarter sized Bugatti Baby II which will get to 96km/h in six-seconds.

This honey-I-shrunk-the-Bugatti Baby II is bigger than the original Baby which was a 50% scale version of the Type 35. A collaboration between Bugatti and The Little Car Company, this 75% scale version of a Type 35 is in production now.

While most examples of the new Bugatti Baby have been accounted for, Bugatti said some owners had been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and had pulled out…opening up a few slots for those who don’t think a non-registerable car for your teenagers is a frivolous purchase.

Aimed at teenagers 14-years and up, the Bugatti Baby is an electric car which, depending on the weight of the driver will nail the sprint to 96km/h in just six seconds. Sounds like fun, right. 

The Bugatti Baby II still has rear wheel drive, a limited slip differential, high performance hydraulic brakes and selectable driving modes. The Base model comes with two modes; Novice which is limited to 20km/h and 1kW of power, and Expert which is limited to 45km/h and 4kW of power. 

The Vitesse and Pur Sang versions include the Novice and Expert driving modes, but also offer extra performance from an upgraded powertrain, via the “Bugatti Speed Key”. This releases up to 10kW and with an all up weight of just 230kg, the Vitesse and Pur Sang variants will try and spin their rear Michelin tyres from standstill, on the way to a 70km/h top speed. 

In addition to impressive performance, the Bugatti Baby II plays homage to the original Type 35 via replica instruments, although the fuel pressure gauge has now become the battery gauge and in a nod to the Bugatti Veyron, the oil gauge has become a power gauge. The scale replica of the famous four spoke steering wheel now has a quick release to make access to the cockpit easier. The adjustable pedals are machined from solid aluminium billet and proudly display Bugatti’s famous “EB” logo, while the fuel pump handle has been exactly reproduced, but now serves as the forward, neutral and reverse selector. 

The turned aluminium dashboard is a replica of the original Type 35’s dash, and custom ‘EB’ switches operate the LED headlights in sidelight and main beam modes. Finally, on the nose of each car is Bugatti’s famous ‘Macaron’ badge, made of solid silver, an exact 75% replica of the badge on the Chiron.

“When you first sit in the car and look at each tiny detail, it reminds me in some ways of the first few months with the Chiron. You get the same feeling walking around the car, as everywhere you look there are beautifully engineered solutions and design details that really are quite amazing” says Andy Wallace, Bugatti test driver and Le Mans winner.

“It would be easy to create something like this with a quarter of the quality, but that’s what’s so brilliant about this car: it’s absolutely top-of-the-line, a work of art on wheels.”

“In its most powerful mode, when you have the ‘Speed Key’ inserted, the Baby II is a very fast car. It’s quite impressive and brilliantly fun. You get a lovely feel of balance, it handles just like the original Type 35 and the regenerative braking is a very cool touch. It’s truly an authentic Bugatti, there are no questions about that.”

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