Long Ranger releases 80L fuel tank for the Suzuki Jimny

Long Ranger fuel tank for Jimny

Long Ranger has released a long-range fuel tank for the new Suzuki Jimny boosting fuel capacity from 40L to 80L.

Long Ranger has revealed its new long-range fuel tank for the Suzuki Jimny which doubles the fuel capacity, from 40L to 80L. And this builds on a range of recent releases for the Jimny, like Ironman 4×4’s GVM upgrade.

The larger fuel tank replaces the old one and weighs 34kg dry, requiring some minor modifications of the exhaust but all the components are included in the kit with Long Ranger saying the install time is only four hours.

Long Ranger fuel tank for Jimny

According to Long Ranger, the long-range tank for the Jimny has been designed to be slim in profile and not impact on ground clearance (check out the image below). And looking at the design of the tank, you can see that it features all the usual Long Ranger elements of the leading edge angled for improved debris deflection and to help it ‘slide’ over mounds. And there are baffles to help strengthen the bottom of the tank too.

So, how much does it cost? Pricing, according to ARB which distributes the Long Ranger tanks, is from $1235 (Australian East Coast Metro RRP).

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