Loony Morgan 3 Wheeler to end production…for now

Morgan P101 Edition last of the line

To celebrate the last of the line, the limited-to-33 P101 Edition has been revealed, but Morgan says the 3 Wheeler will be back.

Blame the engine. Yep, Morgan has announced it has to kill off its iconic 3 Wheeler because its S&S V-twin engine doesn’t meet strict new emissions laws in Europe.

To give the thing a proper send off, Morgan has announced the release of 33 P101 Edition variants. P101 was the codename given to the project to revive the 3 Wheeler more than a decade ago.

Indeed, the current 3 Wheeler has been with us since 2011 and more than 2500 vehicles have been built since then. 

Morgan P101 Edition last of the line

The limited P101 Edition boasts a single-leaf tonneau cover which was first used on the 2016 EV3 concept. The resin cover is golden and translucent which Morgan reckons is reminiscent of 1970s race cars. The Aero-disc wheels are painted to match the main body colour, and there are 9-inch Hella spot lights at the front.

The P101 is priced from £45,000 and all 33 production slots have already been allocated. Production has already begun.

Morgan P101 Edition last of the line
Morgan P101 Edition last of the line
Morgan P101 Edition last of the line

While the 3 Wheeler will cease production next year, Morgan said, “Details of a potential successor to the 3 Wheeler are yet to be announced, and while Morgan can confirm that “the Morgan 3 Wheeler will return”, there will be a break in production”.

Morgan P101 Edition last of the line

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