Love these Jaguar Classic E-Type 60 Collection cars

Jaguar Classic E-Type 60 Collection cars

The Jaguar E-Type is easily one of the most beautiful cars on the planet…Jaguar Classic is releasing 12 ‘expertly restored’ models.

Celebrating 60 years of the E-Type, the wrenchers at Jaguar Classic have been busy restoring 12 E-Types, Coupe and Roadster. And they look stunning. And they come as a pair, yep, you buy two cars.

For those who don’t know, the Jaguar E-Type was revealed to the world on 15 March, 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show. The lone Coupe revealed in Geneva was such a hit that demand for test drives meant that Jaguar needed to rush a second car to the event. That second car, an E-Type Roadster was driven from Coventry in the UK to Geneva, Switzerland overnight. Legend.

Jaguar Classic said the E-Type 60 Collection “pays tribute to these two legendary cars: the Opalescent Gunmetal Grey coupé ‘9600 HP’, driven ‘flat out’ by Bob Berry to make the launch itself, and the British Racing Green roadster ’77 RW’, driven by Norman Dewis who was told to ‘drop everything’ to get to Geneva the next day. The paint schemes for these two vehicles are unique to them and won’t be used on any other Jaguar, the brand said.

Some tweaks have been made to make the two beasties a little more comfortable, like a five-speed manual gearbox and enhanced cooling; plus the Jaguar Classic Infotainment System with built-in satellite navigation and Bluetooth connectivity. The engine is a 265bhp 3.8-litre six-cylinder XK engine running an authentic 1961-style alloy radiator, with electric cooling fan and electronic ignition for everyday usability, as well as a polished stainless steel exhaust system. This new exhaust system is dimensionally identical to the standard mild steel system but produces a slightly deeper tone and offers greater longevity, Jaguar said.

“The most distinctive visual highlight for each of the specially produced cars is an engraving by artist and designer King Nerd (Johnny Dowell)on the centre console of each car, recalling the drive routes from Coventry to Geneva of those original cars. Each piece of art takes more than 100 hours to create by hand, in consultation with the owner”.

Jaguar Classic E-Type 60 Collection cars

In addition to the centre console, the bonnet badge, clock face within the tachometer, fuel cap and chassis plate are all finished with a commemorative E-type 60 logo created by Jaguar Design, featuring the years ‘1961-2021’. A light beech-rimmed steering wheel, as fitted to 1961 cars, features a 24-carat gold horn push. Every car is supplied with a tailor-made E-type 60 car cover, tool roll and jack storage bags to complete the enhancements and exemplify the attention to detail lavished on each vehicle.

Like the Land Rover Camel Defender released earlier this month, those who buy these E-Types will be treated to the “ultimate E-type pilgrimage; a Coventry-to-Geneva drive experience with their cars to create their own E-type memories”. Jealous.

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