More hot hatch goodness…meet the all-new Hyundai i20 N

Hyundai i20 N revea;ed

Hyundai has drip-fed us pictures and info about its new, mini hot hatch, the i20 N and here it is in all its smurf-esque glory.

So, Internet, what do we think, has Hyundai done a good job with the i20 N? Scan through Hyundai’s press release and the language is very similar to the stuff Toyota said about the Yaris GR…that it’s a racetrack-ready hot hatch. We like that.

The new i20 N will lob Down Under in the first half of 2021 and Hyundai isn’t hinting at prices just yet but you can bet they’ll be less than the Yaris GR and probably very close to the Ford Fiesta ST.

Running a 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder making 150kW and 275Nm of torque, the i20 N will go from 0-100km/h in around 6.7 seconds flat. The Yaris GR makes 200kW and 370Nm of torque. You can only get a six-speed manual transmission (which has been toughened up to handle the power/torque and the fact it offers launch control) and it weighs just 1190kg, or the same as its i20 Coupe WRC sibling.

The i20 N can be cost optioned with the, groan, N Corner Carving Differential (just like the i30 N), otherwise known as a Limited Slip Differential (mLSD). It sits 10mm lower than a regular i20 and runs a reinforced chassis with the suspension getting reinforced knuckles, joints and mounting points, different shocks and springs (compared to the i20) and an anti-roll bar.

Hyundai i20 N revea;ed

The front brake disc is 40mm larger than a regular i20 so the brakes should be good for racetrack fun. And the steering ratio has been reduced for improved speed (12.0 Vs 12.4).

There’s an electric sound generator, which we’re not always super keen on, variable muffler control which is good and the i20 N has been tuned to allow left-foot braking, there’s also a brake pad wear indicator, and specific 215/40 R18 Pirelli P-Zero ultra-high-performance tyres with “HN” mark (standing for “Hyundai N”). Nice.

The styling, well, we’ll leave it up to you to comment on but it looks good and follows the brand’s Sensuous Styling language with plenty of N flourishes like the deep skirts, bespoke grille and single exhaust. There are additional red flourishes on the outside and contrast stitching on the inside. It can be had in six colours but the Performance Blue on the car you see in the pictures is exclusive to Hyundai N models, and you can add a cost-optional Phantom Black roof for a two-tone style.

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