Morgan works with Piston Distillery to make ash-flavoured gin…

morgan releases ash flavoured gin

Sometimes a carmaker jumps the shark, and Morgan’s decision to make ash-infused gin might be that moment for the 111-year-old carmaker.

Morgan recently announced an end to the production of its iconic three-wheeler and now it’s revealed it’ll be producing ash-infused gin. Hmmm.

The 111-year-old car maker has partnered with Piston Distillery to launch its Morgan x Piston Gin. Morgan has been building cars with ash frames since forever and now it says its found a use “for the surplus material”.

“Believed to be the world’s first ash-infused gin, it is made using delicate shavings of the wood that is used to form the body-supporting frame on every Morgan,” Morgan said.

Yep, we’d agree that unless someone accidentally spilled some sawdust in their drink, this’ll be the first time the stuff has been used to flavour gin. Apparently the best way to drink the Morgan x Piston Gin is to mix with ginger ale, add a handful of blackberries and ice. If you fancy some sawdust-infused gin, Morgan x Piston Gin is on sale now from Morgan’s online shop, priced from £45.00.

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