Narva lithium ion soldering iron released

New Lithium Ion Soldering Iron kit from Narva

Narva’s new lithium ion soldering iron heats up in just 10 seconds, runs for 40 minutes and looks like something from Tony Stark’s workshop.

Narva has released its all-new 50W lithium ion battery-powered soldering iron and it looks super cool. Priced from $195 the kit includes an LED light integrated into the iron, and replaceable tips including a chisel, cone and hot knife for cutting stuff like rope. The LED light only comes on when the heating button is pressed and can be used to check that the iron is hot or so you can admire your soldering work.

Narva said the iron will run for 40 minutes (continuous runtime), with the battery taking 3.5 hours to charge via the included USB to Micro-USB cable. And the maximum temperature the tip will reach is 600-degrees C. “For safety, the soldering iron features overcharging, over-discharging plus short circuit and electrostatic discharge protections. Also included in the kit is a safety cap and idle stand to ensure user safety during heat up, use and cool down,” Narva said.

To keep things neat and tidy the iron comes in its own case, and replacement tips are available too as a kit.

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