Narva releases new off-road-only Surefit LED range

Narva Surefit LED range
Narva Surefit Globes.

Want to convert your halogen spotties to LED? Then Narva’s Surefit LED range might do the trick.

If you’re looking for a DIY headlight LED kit, this isn’t it. Narva’s new Surefit LED range isn’t ADR approved and so can only be used for driving lights used in off-road driving situations. So, while it’s marketed for ‘headlights’ you’re legally not allowed to fit them to your vehicle’s headlights in Australia.

According to Narva, its Surefit LED range produces a 5700°K “crisp white output” and offers halogen-like beam cut-off for when you switch from high- to main-beam. Narva offers a two-year warranty for the range and claims they’re an easy DIY job offering 30% more light and 25-times the life of a halogen globe.

With an inbuilt IP65 cooling fan, Narva reckons the dual-voltage 12/24-volt Sureft LED globe is comparable in size to a regular halogen globe and so can be easily retro-fitted into most standard light housings.

The Surefit range is available in four different sizes, including H7 projector for projector headlights. But, given these aren’t ADR approved you’re best considering them if you’re looking to swap your halogen driving lights to LEDs. And with an external driver and heatsink, Narva reckons the Surefit LEDs will stay cooler for longer and thus maintain their full beam potential for a longer period than some competitor products.

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