Ouch! This super-fast Tesla Model 3 just bit the dust

Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 crashes at Pikes Peak

From running first in its category one day, the super-fast Tesla Model 3 from Unplugged Performance is now a crumpled mess.

Pikes Peak is the hill climb to end all hill climbs. It’s where car makers and enthusiasts go to prove themselves and their metal…and now batteries too. What you’re looking at here are pictures from the moment Randy Probst and the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model 3 left the road and head-butted a rock on Pikes Peak.

The good news is that Randy wasn’t hurt in the crash but the Model 3 will need more than cutting compound to fix it. The intention had been to break the 10-minute mark in the Model 3.

“Today Randy took his first practice lap on the upper section way too hot, hit a huge dip, got airborne and here’s the result,” read the tweet accompanying the image above. “Most importantly, Randy is safe and our safety systems did their job. Heartbreakingly, our quest to break 10 minutes at Pikes Peak is unfortunately over.”

The day before, the Model 3, which Unplugged calls the GT3 RS of Teslas set a time that placed it not just first in its category but third overall. This ain’t your average Model 3. This thing is a proper, stripped out mental racer.Watch the video below, showing Randy’s qualifying lap time. The one above shows his off. Sigh. If you want to watch Pikes Peak, you can, as it’ll be streaming online via Mobil’s Facebook Page.

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