OzTent launches SV-5 Max in honour of late boss

OzTent SV-5 Max

OzTent’s late Shane Viglione left a legacy which was a great family-run business and quality products – here his family pays homage to him with the SV-5 Max.

Named after OzTent’s late Shane Viglione, the SV-5 Max was the last product he’d begun developing before succumbing to bowel cancer in 2010. It takes the brand’s 30-second tent philosophy but revolutionises it with a unique angled-frame design which gives the SV-5 a full three-metre wide frontage.

To celebrate the release of the tent, and to educate customers on the origin of OzTent the brand has released a video that talks in equal parts about history, family and product. It’s a properly touching tribute.

Back to the SV-5 Max. Not only does the tent angle outwards at the entrance, the awning at the front of the tent also tapers outwards going from 3m to 3.5 metres. And for even more room a tapered tarp can be added (included) that gives you a staggering 5m of width.

Of course, the SV-5 also features a raft of OzTent regulars like the SkyMesh Skylight, poles fly and a rain cover that’s been built into the storage bag which is a great idea for keeping the tent dry when it’s stored on the roof of your fouby.

OzTent SV-5 Max

There’s a three-year warranty offered for the SV-5 Max but anyone who’s owned an OzTent will know you’ll get a lot more trouble-free use out of the thing than that.

In terms of measurements, the packed size is 210cm long, 38cm wide, and 28cm high and it weighs 32.5kg. Unpack and set up the tent only and it measures 300cm wide at the front, 250cm deep and 190cm high. Throw on the awning and the measurements extend to 350cm wide at the front, 500cm deep and 230cm high (awning). Add on the extra tarp and the thing grows to 500cm wide, 750cm deep and 230cm high.

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