To celebrate its 210th anniversary, Peugeot has announced it’ll begin restoring and selling “classic models”, starting with the 205 GTI. Yay.

Now, I’m not sure about you lot but I’ve only ever driven a 205 GTI once before and it was epic. The balance (and the crazy lift-off oversteer if you wanted), the power-to-weight ratio and the 1.9L four-cylinder engine (never driven one with the 1.6L). This thing was/is the boss.

Peugeot reckons its workshops at the Musée de l’Aventure PEUGEOT (Peugeot Museum) in Sochaux, France will happily partially or fully restore old Pugs, but it’s kicking off the programme with this 205 GTI restoration. It won’t just be restoring owner’s cars, though, nope, the business plans to restore and sell authenticated classic Pugs.

Peugeot said the programme will employ former factory workers, body restorers, textile trimmers and sheet metal workers all having a significant input to each vehicle.

What about spares? No problems. Peugeot reckons it’s got plenty of stock and the warehouse space to support the scheme. “Traditional subcontractors will be used for any missing parts and advanced 3D manufacturing techniques will be used for parts that are no longer in production,” Peugeot said.

Question: Anyone here owned a Peugeot 205 GTI?

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