Porsche forces Singer Vehicle Design to pull ACS from site

Singer All-terrain Competition Study

The Singer Vehicle Design All-terrain Competition Study has been pulled from the brand’s site and social media after Porsche complained.

According to a report on Car Scoops, Porsche has forced Singer Vehicle Design to remove reference to its All-terrain Competition Study bespoke rally-ready Porsche 911 from its website, social media and from the site of the man who commissioned the vehicle. The ACS exploded onto the Internet back in January emblazoned in the Porsche logo but very much a bespoke Singer work of art.

Porsche, it seems, has taken offence to this, despite Singer’s bread and butter being restomod and enhancements to Porsche vehicles, telling Car Scoops: “We are glad to have a growing community of Porsche enthusiasts. They help us to ensure that so many Porsche cars originally built decades ago remain on the road and are still being enjoyed. At the same time, we have a responsibility to our customers to ensure that Porsche products – designed and engineered by us – can be clearly and easily identified. This can range from an individual component or piece of clothing using our name through to whole cars. We do this by allowing only products created or directly licensed by us to carry the Porsche name”.

Singer did what Porsche asked and not only removed the vehicle from its web and social presence but also removed the Porsche badging from the vehicle. But it seems this may still not be enough for Porsche, and as of right now, there’s no reference to the ACS on the Singer website.

So, Internet, what do you think, was Porsche right to lawyer up on this one?

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