Race the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept

Available to download later today (22 May) for Gran Turismo Sport, the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept is Mazda’s new virtual racing car.

A joint development with Polyphony Digital Inc., the brand behind Gran Turismo, and Mazda, the RX-Vision GT3 Concept will be available to download on Gran Turismo Sport from 4pm today.

We’ve covered online racing quite a bit on MotoFomo already, and Mazda’s getting into it too. “Through our support of Digital Motor Sports, we hope to contribute to the expansion of car culture and complement new lifestyles,” Mazda said in a statement.

Even better, “Players who use Mazda vehicles, such as RX-Vision GT3 Concept, in Gran Turismo Sport will automatically be granted seed rights to participate in the FIA certified Gran Turismo Championship (world tours) to be held in various locations around the world in the 2020 season,” Mazda announced.

Stay tuned for our video of the MotoFomo RX-Vision GT3 Concept.

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