Red Bull’s Kamaz truck is mental…

Red Bull Kamaz truck jumping

Built to dominate Dakar, the Red Bull Kamaz truck isn’t just for belting over sand dunes, it’s also pretty handy at drifting.

Yep, never thought you’d read that a modified truck weighing 9.5 tonnes would be able to drift, but then you’ve probably never seen this Kamaz. With its Dongfeng Cummins 13-litre turbocharged six-cylinder engine it thumps out 627kW and 2700Nm of torque. It runs a 16-speed with remote mechanical control, and a STEYR VC2000/396 transfer gearbox.

And while it’s grunty it’s also thirsty, sucking down around 200 litres per 100km when it’s hard-charging through the desert. Don’t even think about getting a flat because each wheel weighs 150kg.

Of course, it’s a four-wheel drive with a 36-degree approach angle and whopping front and rear axle loads of 4800kg and 4700kg respectively. And because the 1000L fuel tank is mounted at the rear, this thing boasts a 50:50 weight distribution.

But, really, who cares about any of this…watch as it jumps a drifting Lamborghini or just jumps its way across the scenery.

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