Rivian R1T development continuing by remote control

Rivian R1T in development

Like the rest of us, the vehicle engineers at Rivian are all practicing social distancing – hasn’t stopped them developing the R1T via remote control.

The Rivian R1T is nearing completion and Rivian has said it’ll come to Australia. But with the world in lockdown and all of us practicing social distancing the team at Rivian had to develop a way to, er, keep developing the R1T without taking it for a drive.

Check out the gif below… what you’re looking at is the Rivian R1T being shaken and stirred via remote control. Yep, one of the engineers developed a way, from his home in California, he could keep the kinematics and compliance testing going even though he was 4000km away from the vehicle.

Rivian gif

“From 2,500 miles across the country, Pete devised a way to remotely control diagnostic settings and stream real-time data into his computer. Under normal circumstances, he would be at the controls in person. But with the ability to dial in whatever settings he wants from home, he could collect the hard data and move the program forward,” Rivian said.

And check out the camouflage on the thing. According to Rivian it was originally meant to be a variation of the brand’s Compass logo but morphed into a camp-inspired design. Taking it one step further, Rivian turned its artwork into downloadable activity books for kids…and adults. You can download it HERE. I have.

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