So cool…The Onyx RCR 60 electric bike will hit 96km/h

Onyx RCR 60

Looking like it’s been turned out by hipsters, the Onyx RCR 60 is a genuine dirt-road e-bike that’ll hit 96km/h.

The lawyers have asked me to make it incredibly clear that you can’t ride the Onyx RCR 60 on the road. Any road at all in Australia. Well, actually you can but only if that road is on your own private property. Lawyers have left the room.

Onyx kicked off in 2018 after a crowdfunded startup and the RCR 60 is the brand’s hero. It’s also working on a road-friendly version but it doesn’t look anywhere near as cool as the RCR 60. If you’re looking for an RCR 60 then you’ll need to be quick, the Australian importer, Ben Buckler, only has one of them in stock at the moment and it’ll cost you $6900 plus delivery.

Think of this thing as an electric bike, rather than a motorbike, because despite how it looks it’s still got pedals. It can’t be registered for the road in Australia, it’s way too fast.

Yep, the RCR 60 will travel at 96km/h and will get from whoa to 45km/h in around four seconds flat which is stupid quick. The range, if you’re going easy, is up to 120km but that’ll change depending on the terrain you’re riding on and how big you are, if you know what I mean.

The RCR 60 makes 7.2hp at 956rpm and 182Nm of torque, the motor is a 205mm hub motor on the back wheel with regenerative braking (and a basic cable 205mm rotor), the front brakes are a hydraulic 220mm rotor, and there are three riding modes: Eco (limited to 32km/h), Normal (48km/h) and Sport (go for your life).

The frame is steel tubing with the battery pack (72V 23AH Removable Li-ion) wrapped in aluminium and mahogany veneer. Handling the bumps at the front and the back are dual suspension fork and dual coilovers, respectively.

For night rides you’ve got a projector Halo headlight and LED tail lights and there’s an LCD display to show trip, voltage, speed and battery level.

Check out this video from Electrek to see the RCR 60 in action and stay tuned to MotoFomo, we’re hoping to bring you more e-bike yarns, advice and reviews.

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