So Flo Jeeps just made a 6×6 Jeep Gladiator

So Flo Jeeps 6x6G

Take a new Jeep Gladiator, cut it in half, extend it, throw in another driven axle, give it a five-inch lift and you have this thing, the So Flo Jeeps 6x6G.

This thing is nuts. It starts out as a Jeep Gladiator before being chopped up, indeed only the doors are original parts, yep, everything else is bespoke, according to So Flo Jeeps, a Florida-based tuning house.

The Gladiator is essentially cut in half before being stretched to accommodate the extra axle, this is a genuine six-wheel drive. The body is the brand’s own design and it’s covered in a Kevlar infused epoxy that’s 1/16th of an inch thick meaning it requires no maintenance ever; simply pressure wash the thing clean and you’re done. To help get up and into the thing power steps have been installed and the seating is finished in marine-grade weather resistant leather.

To make the Gladiator a full-time 6×6, So Flo Jeeps re-geared and rebuilt the 5.13 axles, with the middle “unbreakable” axle running a Detroit True Locker and a 9-inch differential. The suspension is unique too with a five-inch lift and Falcon Shocks giving it up to 14-inches of wheel travel. A Falcon steering stabiliser has been installed to improve steering feel and performance. It runs 38-inch Patagonia rubber. So Flo Jeeps don’t say which engine is in their rig, but an LS3 is available as a cost-option.

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