Something for the kids: Ride-On Ford Ranger Raptor

Ford Ranger Raptor ride on

Little Riders Australia has released the new ride-on Ford Ranger Raptor for kids who want to jump couches.

Stuck indoors at the moment with the kids? Why not make things even messier with this ride-on Ford Ranger Raptor. Set up a course for your kids, film it and put it on social media…and wait for it to go viral.

This thing is officially licensed and looks exactly like a Honey-I-Shrunk-the-Raptor, er, Raptor. The wheels are soft EVA, so it should be safe enough inside but it’s probably not going to crawl rocks. It comes with a 2.4G parental control, just in case your child is about to crash the thing into the drink’s cabinet. And if your child likes to roll to their favourite tunes, it’s also got an MP3 player.

Little Riders Australia says this thing is suitable for ages three to eight, but I’ve got an eight-year old and she wouldn’t fit into the thing. It measures 134cm x 81cm x 77cm and weighs 26Kg. It’ll cost you $449. Check it out HERE.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Headlights and back lights
  • Option to control lights
  • Key Start
  • Opening doors, Tail Gate and Hood
  • 2.5G Remote Control with ability to override
  • Pull-out handler for easy tug away
  • Suspension System
  • Soft EVA Wheels (Major Upgrade)
  • SAA-approved battery charger
  • Suitable for children 3 years and above
  • Seat Belt for safety
  • Reverse and Forward function
  • Gear stick with Two Speed options
  • Seat belt: Adjustable
  • User: 3 – 8 years old


  • Control mode: Manual/ Remote
  • Motor: 70W (2 x 35W)
  • Battery: 12V 7AH
  • Speed: 3-8km/h, depending on weight
  • Mode: Gear Stick
  • Load capacity: 40kg
  • Operating time: Up to 2 hours per full charge
  • Seat belt: Adjustable
  • User: 3 – 8 years old

Package Content

  • 1 x  Licensed Raptor
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 1 x User Manual

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