Suzuki Jimny pickups…First it was NZ now it’s the UK

UK offering Suzuki Jimny pickups

The world went mental when Suzuki NZ revealed the approved conversion to turn the Jimny into a pickup…and now a UK mob has got in on the act.

Looks like Australia has missed out again with news out of the UK that Suzuki Jimny Pickups is offering a pickup conversion for the new Jimny. Boo. It’s gone a little further than the factory-approved New Zealand conversion with buyers able to get a lift kit thrown in.

But this isn’t the first rodeo for Dave Johnson, who runs Suzuki Jimny Pickups. Using a factory-manufactured kit from Austria, he’s the exclusive distributor in the UK and has been modifying older Jimnys for years.

To fit one of these trays, the back of the cabin gets chopped off and a new steel cabin is riveted into place. The join between the original cabin and the metal is covered with a plastic cover strip. And the original tail-lights are kept. The aluminium pickup bed is bolted directly to the chassis and has a full-width drop-down tail-gate.

The standard springs are dropped out and replaced with new ones and a two-inch lift. A bigger lift is available too, up to 7.6cm. This involves the shocks, suspension arms, Panhard rods and bump stops to be changed, as well as adding stainless steel brake pipe extensions.

Question: Who’d go for one of these conversions if it was available in Australia?

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