Take that Jeep: Ford Bronco smashes Rubicon Trail

Ford Bronco takes on Rubicon Trail

Take a busy weekend on the Rubicon Trail, drop in the new Ford Bronco, tip-off a massive Bronco forum, and you’ve got a recipe for melting the Internet.

Yep, Ford has just flipped Jeep the bird. Last weekend, Ford decided to take a stack of prototype Broncos and go and play in Jeep’s backyard, aka the Rubicon Trail. This is the trail where Jeep famously (according to the marketing department) takes its vehicles to earn their Trail Rated badge.

The truth is it’s only really the hardcore Jeep models that complete the gnarliest of obstacles. To get the Trail Rated badge, Jeep runs its 4x4s through a series of tests established by a third-party test team before they can earn their badge. But the whole Rubicon Trail thing makes for a great story.

And that’s because the track is properly nuts. It’s a hellish boulder-strewn track that will break and bash up unsuspecting drivers and their vehicles. But because it’s synonymous with Jeep and especially the Wrangler Rubicon, Ford clearly decided some Guerilla Marketing was in order.

“Caught” by Ford Bronco forum, Bronco6G.com (it was clearly a staged event) there are a bunch of photos, commentary and video on the forum and now YouTube showing different variants of Bronco tackling sections of the track. Check out the videos below.

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