The Canoo electric pick-up is so cool

canoo electric pick up

Forget about Tesla’s Cybertruck or the Rivian R1-T, because the Canoo PickUp is the best electric rough roader you’ve never heard about.

Making its debut this week, start-up electric vehicle maker Canoo has revealed its PickUp which will be available for order this year ahead of deliveries in 2023.

Still very much in development, the Canoo PickUp has some very cool features that might just see it become the rough-road tourer of choice in the future. I mean, look at the profile pic and tell me it’s not a modern take on the Mitsubishi Delica…

canoo electric pick up

“We are so passionate about building vehicles that can change people’s lives,” said Tony Aquila, Executive Chairman, Canoo. “Our pickup truck is as strong as the toughest trucks out there and is designed to be exponentially more productive. This truck works for you. We made accessories for people who use trucks – on the job, weekends, adventure. You name it, we did it because it’s your platform and she’s bad to the bone.”

This pickup is the third vehicle Canoo will build on its modular platform, and offers around 600hp with dual motors and a 320km driving range.

“Traditional EV platforms have power units, shock towers and mechanical steering columns that protrude into the vehicle and take up space. By incorporating steer-by-wire and other space-saving technologies, Canoo’s thin platform, with no need for an engine compartment, allows the company to offer a flatbed size comparable to America’s best-selling pickup truck on a smaller footprint. This makes the vehicle easier to maneuver and more convenient to drive and park in any terrain,” Canoo said.

Let’s take a look at some of the key features. The thing has a very cab-forward design and is intended as a two-seater although there is provision for the “customisable rear compartment” to accommodate two extra seats, “or support additional purpose-built use-case configurability”.

One of the coolest features is the pull-out bed extension. The bed measures about six-feet long and can be extended and enclosed to around eight feet. “The pull-handle bed extension also helps with loading and unloading the truck. The extension also serves as a licence plate holder. When the bed is extended, a second layer of tailgate doors can be swiveled out. The bed-extension also houses a secondary lamp, containing all tail lamp functions, so the truck can be driven while the bed space is maximized”. So cool. The bed itself boasts a ‘space divider’ system to keep itesm separate and secure. The bed wall also incorporates modular wheel chocks to secure bikes and configurable tie downs for ladders, etc.

There’s also a fold-down work table and cargo storage at the front complete with electrical sockets. And there are fold-down side tables too which are built into the side of the truck and can act as a workbench with power outlets too. According to Canoo, using the power outlets all day will only reduce driving range by up to 10%. And there’s plenty of perimeter lighting and bed lighting too. Canoo has designed its own set of platform-style roof racks in different sizes. One of the coolest features is the camper shell the company will offer.

More details will be released later in the year but, in the meantime, Internet what do you think?

canoo electric pick up

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