The Garmin Catalyst will make you faster…

Garmin Catalyst

Yep, the Garmin Catalyst is designed to improve your lap times on a race track, and even provides coaching tips.

The Garmin Catalyst or, to give it it’s full name, the Garmin Catalyst Driving Performance Optimiser is priced at $1699 and designed to make you faster on a race track. Think of it as a data logger that can do a whole lot more than that.

For instance, once you’ve cut a few laps the Garmin Catalyst using GPS will build a map of the track and then will not only overlay your racing line but can also tell you if you’re taking the correct line through a corner. It does this via “10 Hz multi-GNSS positioning, image processing and built-in accelerometers to generate your racing line on the track”.

More than that, there’s an on-board coach that can give you real-time tips although that could get a tad annoying… The Cataylst will log your lap times and rank them, and even allow you to break them down to compare acceleration, braking performance and more. And because it records your lap while you’re driving, you can watch it back on the 7.0-inch screen without needing a computer.

One of the coolest features is the fact it comes preloaded with a bunch of race tracks from around the world, so that you can hit the track running.

There are two mounts included in the kit, one with a suction cup mount and the other that can be screwed into the cabin. Here’s what else you get in the box:

  • Garmin Catalyst (of course)
  • 32GB microSD pre-installed under covered compartment; auxiliary card slot on the side of the Catalyst device is externally accessible for memory expansion in bracket
  • Remote Cam with polarised lens cover
  • Remote Cam 3.5 metre cable
  • Heavy-duty vehicle suction cup
  • Powered magnetic mount
  • 1-inch connecting arm (2x)
  • 1-inch arm connector
  • Cable clips
  • Socket Power Adapter
  • Documentation
  • 1-inch ball adapter screw down mount
  • USB data cable
  • 12V bare wire vehicle power cable
  • Additional Remote Cam adhesive

We haven’t tried one of these things but we reckon it sounds like a handy bit of kit. Check it out HERE. And here’s a review of the Catalyst we found from the guys at Florida International Motorsports and Rally Park.

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