The world’s coolest Lada Niva?

Vagabund Moto Lada Niva

Check this thing out…Vagabund Moto from Austria has sprinkled some of its hipster dust onto a Lada Niva and we love it.

Here’s what happens when hipster motorcycle tuners from Austria decide they want to fiddle around with four wheels and we absolutely love it. Like, love it so much we’ve started Googling Lada Nivas for sale.

Vagabund Moto is a tuner in Austria who performs Scrambler conversions (mainly on old BMWs); taking an old bike and stripping it back and throwing on a set of chunky off-road rubber and then usually painting it in some shade of matte black or gunmetal grey.

Enter this Lada Niva. Revealed just a week after the 43rd anniversary of the Niva, the guys at Vagabund Moto took the Niva and stripped the bugger back, like they do with the bikes they work on. All of the metalwork required patching, straightening and re-welding.

The front bumper has been removed to clean up the front end, a set of muddies wrapped around black steelies, and corresponding black roof rack on top with Jerry cans, spot lights, spare wheel and a storage box. Follow the guys at Vagabund Moto on Instagram (Click HERE).

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