This 1950s-inspired Watt Electric Vehicle Coupe is cool

watt Coupe

Another day, another electric vehicle hits the Interweb. Meet the 1950s-inspired, 1000kg, 120kW Watt Electric Vehicle Coupe.

The Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC) has announced its own off-the-shelf electric vehicle platform to help smaller companies launch their own EVs. And to show off its platform in action, WEVC has released its 1950s-inspired EV called ‘Coupe’.

Only 21 of these things will be built with deliveries starting in 2022. If you want one, it’ll cost you around $150k.

Clearly inspired by the Porsche 356, although the brand has gone to great pains on its website to ensure that no-one thinks it’s connected with Porsche. We wouldn’t want a repeat of the whole Singer debacle.

Anyway, the thing looks good and, according to WEVC will weigh less than 1000kg, and the mid-mounted electric motor will thump out around 120kW allowing it to get to 100km/h in around five seconds. The brand reckons a range of 368 kilometres via the 40kWh battery will be doable.

“With our debut vehicle, we wanted to build a light, engaging sports car, at the opposite end of the spectrum from the current trend toward hugely powerful, fast-accelerating, but heavy electric supercars,” said WEVC founder Neil Yates.

“The WEVC Coupe’s focus is on engaging the driver, providing enjoyment in real-world situations from city streets to B-roads. With double-wishbone suspension, 16-inch wheels and 60-profile tires, it has a comfortable ride, excellent steering response and a handling balance that is entertaining and exploitable, rather than chasing outright lateral grip.”

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