This 380kW resto-modded Alfa Giulia GT electric is gorgeous

Totem Automobili GT electric

Totem Automobili has released its electrified resto-modded Giulia GT electric which can hit 100km/h in 3.4 seconds, so, yeah, it’s as quick as it looks.

Take an old Alfa Giulia GT Junior and pull it apart, literally, and then rebuild it as an electrified version that is both similar (if you squint) and nothing at all like the original. See, only 10% of the original chassis remains, the petrol engine has been binned, the suspension is as modern as can be and the body is now carbon fibre.

But, to my eyes, it works beautifully.  So, let me tell you more… Starting with a Giulia GT Junior, Totem strips the thing back to a bucket of bolts and then begins the rebuild via a new chassis with just 10% of the original retained, the body is made from carbon-fibre, the roof is a mix but can be totally carbon-fibre and the doors are a mix of materials too. The suspension is a mix of Macpherson at the front with Bilstein dampers (manual adjust as standard but adaptive dampers are an option) and a multi-link rear end with Bilstein dampers. To ensure this thing can stop, there are big Brembo brakes at the front and back with 17-inch alloys wrapped in Continental ContiSportContact 5 rubber.

Totem Automobili GT electric

What about the motor? Well, for a start it’s rear mounted with the 50.4kWh battery pack stuffed under the bonnet, and it makes 380kW and 980Nm of torque and has been limited to 245km/h with a driving range of around 380 kilometres. Charging time for the concept car is around seven hours but Totem claims production cars will offer fast charging.

Totem Automobili GT electric

The interior is amazing. Totem has tried to retain the feel of the original across the dashboard but has turned other areas right up to 11, like the carbon-fibre and leather bucket seats. And you get a mechanical handbrake which is cool.

Totem Automobili GT electric

You can’t deny the quality of the design and the energy that’s gone into this project. But, what do we all think of the GT electric? Is this process of resto-modding vehicles and ripping out the internal combustion engine and replacing it with an electric motor and battery pack to be praised, or?

See you in the comments.

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