This is the Team Fordzilla P1…designed by and for gamers

Team Fordzilla P1

eSports boomed during Covid-19 lockdowns and now Ford’s esports team, Team Fordzilla has released a scale model of an online racer. Meet the Team Fordzilla P1.

Meet the Team Fordzilla P1. It won’t be coming to a race track near you…unless you live online. This is a made-real version of a racer that will be raced online. Weird.

Yep, racing online is now a real job. And this build is interesting. See, Ford took to Twitter for people to vote on  things like seating configuration, engine position and cockpit definition. Apparently more than 250,000 people voted.

Team Fordzilla P1

The exterior and interior were designed by Ford designers with the car built around a monocoque covered in a hyper-transparent jet fighter-style canopy. “The exterior of this race car is the combination of a sleek GT-like front end with beautifully sculped front fenders and extremely sculpted bodyside panels, with their highly memorable twist and floating buttresses visually connecting the cockpit with the rear wheels. The rear end is completely exposed and celebrates the aerodynamics and racing circuits rawness,” Ford said.

The cockpit features LED notification “units” keeping the driver updated, as well as a screen on the steering wheel allowing live exchanges between the driver and team.

Ford said the team took just seven weeks to design and build the Team Fordzilla P1 racer and that many of the people involved on the project never met face-to-face. Teams in five countries were involved.

Now, while we doubt this thing would ever drive itself…Ford Europe boss, Stuart Rowley suggested otherwise: “Enjoyment is at the very core of all human centred design. Is it amazing to look at, to sit in and to drive? Well, in the case of the Team Fordzilla P1, the answer to all these questions is a resounding YES!”

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