Tip of Cape York closed because of inappropriate tourist behaviour

Tip of Cape York closed

Access to the very ‘Top’ of Cape York has been closed to tourists by traditional landowners because of poor behaviour by tourists.

The Internet is awash with stories of the ‘Tip’ of Cape York being closed off to tourists after indigienous landowners met recently to discuss tourist behaviour. According to the Gudang/Yahaykenu Aboriginal Corporation, tourists have been graffiting, defecating in the open due to a lack of amenities, littering, and carrying firearms and hunting without licence.

According to a report in the Cairns Post, the recent Gudang/Yahaykenu Aboriginal Corporation annual general meeting saw elders discuss closing access to the Tip but that a decision couldn’t be reached. It seems, however, that a subsequent meeting of elders saw a decision made to close access beyond the Croc Tent on Pajinka Road, with signs now posted at the Jardine River ferry crossing.

“I spoke to traditional landowners and we discussed and decided to close the country to tourists (at) Captain Bill’s Landing, Pajinka (the Tip), Ussher Point and Somerset because of disrespect to tradition landowners,” Gudang/Yahaykenu Aboriginal Corporation chairman, Mr Solomon told the Cairns Post.

“They make their own tracks and drive down the beach, they come with quad bikes and pig dogs,” Mr Solomon said of some tourists, adding that they had turned the Tip into a “rubbish tip”.

This is a timely reminder to all Australians that the countryside shouldn’t be used and abused or everyone will lose access. It’s pretty rare these days to visit a campsite after a weekend and not find it covered in garbage.

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