Toyota now selling spares for 2000GT

Toyota Supra 2000GT spares available

The gorgeous Toyota 2000GT is one of the rarest sports cars on the planet with just 337 built, and now Toyota is selling spares for them.

Part of Toyota’s GR Heritage Parts Project, the Japanese car maker has announced it’s racing division, Toyota Gazoo Racing will begin reproducing key spares for the 2000GT. One of the world’s most beautiful and rare sports cars, the 2000GT was sold in tuny numbers, only 337 were built, but put Toyota on the map.

The 2000GT is the great grandfather of the new Toyota Supra and even lends some of its styling to the Supra via the double-bubble roof line and the glasshouse shape. A joint development with Yamaha, the 2000GT was launched in 1967 and was in production until 1971. And even made its Hollywood debut in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.

It set world records including the shortest time to cover 15,000km (72 hours) and was raced in the US by Carroll Shelby’s team. The spares being sold will begin to appear on Toyota Gazoo Racing’s website from 1 August. And all parts will be strictly limited to existing owners to prevent reselling of parts.

At this stage, spares are limited to bits and bobs for the transmission and differential, including Gears, synchro hub and sleeve, gaskets and oil seal kit, bearing kit, snap ring kit, thrust washer, shift fork, and final gear kit, ring gear set bolt. Toyota is also selling spare parts for the A70 and A80 Supra.

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