Turn your lounge room into a Mario Kart track

Mario Kart Live

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit uses augmented reality to turn your lounge room into a ‘real life’ Mario Kart race track.

Arriving in October and priced from more than $140, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was announced overnight and answers everyone’s frustrations with Mario Kart…that they couldn’t crash into their own couch…or dog…or legs. Now you can.

The pack is designed to work with the Nintendo Switch. The first thing you need to do is design your own course using the gates (four) provided; and you can even name the corners. Sure it’ll only be a basic track but the game lays animations over them on the Switch’s screen (or your TV) as you race the Koopalings in eight different Grand Prix cups.

Mario Kart Live

But this isn’t just AR because you’ll actually be driving your own R/C car around the circuit with the graphics laid over the top of it. So, if you hit a mushroom in the game you’ll get a burst of speed in both the game and your R/C car will move quicker on your track. “As you race around the course you made, you’ll see other racers trying to beat you to the finish line as well as items that you can collect to even the odds,” Nintendo said.

Mario Kart Live

And with the ability for three more players to bring their consoles around and join in, Mario Kart will continue to be the lovable, horrible friendship-ruining racing game we all love.

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