Jeep has teased a single shadowy image of a Wrangler bonnet with the number 392 on a bonnet bulge suggesting it’ll run Jeep’s 6.4L V8.

Trainspotters will recognise the 6.4L V8 is the same engine the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT runs and it smacks out 344kW and 640Nm of torque. This isn’t the full-house Trackhawk engine but it would definitely hussle the Wrangler along nicely. Or could this be hinting at a performance version of the Gladiator to compete with the likes of the F-150 Raptor in the US?

The sketchy-looking sketch shows off a bonnet scoop to help the embiggened engine breathe with body coloured guards also visible. Anything else we’d suggest about this thing is pure speculation as Jeep literally left the image on Facebook and walked away. No caption, no nothing.

If this thing does make it to production then it’s highly unlikely we’d ever see it in Australia. Shame. But then, we’re unlikely to see the new Bronco Down Under either. Sigh.

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