Volkswagen Amarok XL and XXL conversion available now

Volkswagen Amarok XL

Want an Amarok but need a bigger tray? Meet the Volkswagen Amarok XL and XXL boasting a wheelbase up to 650mm longer than a regular Amarok.

The Volkswagen Amarok isn’t exactly small but there are those who need a little more room and that’s where the, and don’t giggle, VW Body Builder Program comes in. A global initiative the aim is to offer VW buyers access to approved conversions.

Indeed, the stretched Amarok is the first ‘Rok to feature in the Body Builder Program with the Amarok XL and XXL variants the brainchild of Dutch conversion company, Veth Automotive. Locally, the conversions are being carried out by Adelaide-based Adaptive Automotive.

Andrew Hester, National Conversion Manager, explained, “VGA has a breadth of capability it has never possessed and a range unrivalled elsewhere.

“The Amarok XL and XXL top-to-tail solutions are very much the tip of the iceberg. Volkswagen and its partners can engineer literally dozens of bespoke variants.”

Amarok XL and XXL Key Features:

  • Built on Amarok (GP) 4 Cylinder & V6, Dual Cab 4Motion MT & AT models
  • More load space, versatility and flexibility
  • 2 x Versions: XL with +310mm longer wheelbase or XXL with +650mm longer wheelbase
  • Volkswagen adapted ESC program, to ensure vehicle safety and operation, even in off-road conditions
  • Conversion maintains the 5 year / Unlimited km Warranty of the Amarok
  • Built by our locally recognised Conversion partner; Adaptive Manufacturing in South Australia, with permission granted under license from Premium Partner, Veth Automotive (Netherlands)
  • Chassis or Utility models
  • ESC Reprogramming to compensate for the longer wheelbase(s)
  • 4Motion Permanent 4×4
  • Rear Diff Lock as standard
  • Same Warranty as base vehicle
  • Converter’s own range of options & accessories available
Conversion Type (excluding vehicle purchase price)
Amarok XL Dual Cab ChassisRRP$10,595
Amarok XL Dual Cab UtilityRRP$18,995
Amarok XXL Dual Cab ChassisRRP$13,595
Amarok XXL Dual Cab UtilityRRP$21,995

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