Watch Ken Block’s Hoonicorn beat a fully-prepped drag car

Hoonicorn Vs Chevy Nova

Ken Block’s Hoonicorn was never built for drag racing but it seems to do a pretty good job against this drag-ready 1100hp Chevy Nova.

While Travis Pastrana has taken the keys to Gymkhana for now, Ken Block’s been busy picking fights with drag cars. In this video he puts his 1400hp Hoonicorn up against an 1100hp 1966 Chevy Nova SS that’s running whopping drag tyres out the back, a full cage, and a bit of race gas.

In this two-out-of-three runway drag race the Nova manages to score a win thanks to getting a good start. The second race sees Block’s Hoonicorn storm to the finish miles ahead, and even with a headstart in the third race, the drag car can’t stick with Hoonicorn.

This isn’t the first drag race Hoonicorn has won, it’s beaten a McLaren Senna and a 1250hp Mazda RX-7, and the world’s fastest Audi RS3. So, what should Hoonicorn race next? Maybe the Venom F5?

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