Watch the 1200hp Zyrus Lamborghini blow a tyre at 208km/h

Blowing a tyre at any speed is scary stuff… let alone when you’re trying to set a lap record at the Nurburgring.

Norwegian tuning house, Zyrus, is clearly a bit bonkers…it’s taken a Lambo Huracan and turned the whole thing up to 15, calling it the LP1200. It’s based on the Supertrofeo chassis, gets a bespoke twin-turbo setup for the 5.2L V10, race car aero that develops 1200kg of downforce at full tilt, bespoke brake package and Zyrus’ own electronics package. Only 24 examples are available.

The brand runs this thing in the Norwegian Extreme GT Championship which is as mental as it sounds. It wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest this is the spiritual successor to Group B rally.

In addition to its race work, the LP1200 has been taken to some of Europe’s iconic race tracks and thrashed. It’s been to Spa and the Nurburgring and it’s at the latter where it’s made Internet history.

After having already set a lap time of 6m29secs with Fredrik Sørlie at the wheel during an open supercar track day (read: traffic) and on his sixth lap with the thing turned down to 900bhp it all went a bit wrong. Fortunately Fredrik wasn’t hurt.

Would love to hear what you guys think of the clip but it honestly made my eyes hurt. It feels like it’s been sped up but it hasn’t. Here’s what Fredrik said, “Sixth flying lap in the LP1200. Attempting to set a benchmark laptime, running only around 900bhp due to the extreme heat. The track conditions were also pretty bad (+52°C track temp), but the lap still felt good and traffic was light for a track day. Unfortunately we went too aggressive with the rear camber. I did what I could to keep it off the wall, but did grace it, smashing the splitter and causing light damage to the carbon hood”.

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