Watch the all-electric Lotus Evija at Goodwood SpeedWeek

Lotus Evija at Goodwood

The all-electric Lotus Evija made a shock dynamic debut at Goodwood SpeedWeek last weekend.

Production might be delayed until next year (thanks Covid-19), but that hasn’t stopped Lotus from keeping the hype going. Last weekend at Goodwood SpeedWeek, Lotus let the all-electric Evija loose.

So, what is the Evija? It’s a 1470kW/1700Nm, four-motor, electric hypercar that’ll get to 300km/h in around nine seconds. Yeah, that’s bonkers fast. It’s intended to be a proper track weapon and will cost somewhere around $3million with only 130 being built.

Lotus took three pre-production vehicles to Goodwood SpeedWeek and they were in action on the historic racetrack and the Supercar Run.  The prototypes all featured a stylised image of the Goodwood circuit, accompanied by the words ‘Lotus x Goodwood: Creating History since 1948’ – the year of the very first Lotus car and the first motorsport event at Goodwood.

Gavan Kershaw, Director of Vehicle Attributes, Lotus, added: “We’re having a great time demonstrating the Evija here at Goodwood.  Bringing the cars to an event like this is a welcome break from the hundreds of hours spent on proving grounds, where there’s a huge amount of open space and long straights to test the car’s performance limits. Goodwood is a fast and flowing circuit with numerous undulations in the surface, and so is a fantastic test and demonstration for the Evija as it’s the type of environment where many owners will use the car”.

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