Who wants a dusty old 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth?

1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth

Offered for sale ‘as is’ at the Silverstone Auction later this month, this 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth has had four owners and been living in a shed for the last 22 years.

Finally out of hibernation this 1987 Ford Sierra Cosworth has been sitting in a shed for the last 22 years. Since being pushed out of the shed, it’s been towed to a mechanic who was told to leave the thing as is, but give it a good service and get it running again.

It’ll be sold with an invoice for £1,320 which lists a major service using Mobil 1 Oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, cambelt kit, water pump, new fuel tank and pump, crankshaft sensor and freeing off the seized brake calipers allowing the car to roll freely.

This car was initially registered to the first of four former keepers on the 30th May 1987 and, on the 21st June 1991, it was purchased by the current registered keeper. According to the accompanying MOT Certificates, the car had covered some 16,000 miles before it was parked up at some point in late 1998 as the tax disc (registration) in the windscreen displays.

The Ford Sierra Cosworth is a legend of motorsport and is proof of the adage, race on Sunday, sell on Monday. These days, the RS500 and RS Cosworth are the ones enthusiasts clamber for, but we wouldn’t say no to this Sierra Cosworth. Dust and all.

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