Whoa! Super rare Porsche 356A Cabriolet sells for $230,000

barnfind Porsche 356A Cabriolet for auction

Shannons has listed this super rare Porsche 356A Cabriolet that’s been living under a church for the last 25 years.

UPDATE: This ultra rare ‘barnfind’ Porsche 356A Cabriolet sold last night (23 February) for a staggering $230,000 after two bidders went hammer and tongs to secure the thing, driving up the price by $75k in the final hour. All up, it attracted 61 bids.

Check out this Porsche 356A Cabriolet that’s been living under a Brisbane church for the last 25 years. What you’re looking at is a rusted but original-spec 356A Cabriolet with its rare Karmann hardtop and 15x4in Rudge knock-off wheels.

An Australian-delivered Porsche running a 1600 Super engine it is one of just 1382 356A 1600 Super Cabriolets built back in 1958. It’s now being offered at auction by Shannons in its 2021 Summer Timed Online Auction from February 16-23. 

barnfind Porsche 356A Cabriolet for auction

According to Shannons, “In addition to its Rudge wheels and Ruby Red hardtop, the once-glamorous White Cabriolet was equipped with a separate black convertible folding top, Koni shock absorbers, a green-tinted windscreen, an electric clock, a Sunblind with make-up mirrors, ‘Ponto’ exterior mirrors, Bosch 40/45 Watt headlamps and USA bumpers”.

It’s got an interesting back story. Its late owner purchased it in 1970 and paid just $1162 for the thing. She drove it around for a few years before storing it under a church in Newmarket, Brisbane in 1995. And there it sat ever since. During its active years it wore the Queensland number plate 356POR before its registration lapsed.

barnfind Porsche 356A Cabriolet for auction

While a fully restored 356A Cabriolet would cost you around $250,000-$350,000, it is expected to sell for $90,000-$120,000. The Porsche isn’t in running condition and needs a bumper to bumper restoration.

barnfind Porsche 356A Cabriolet for auction

If it was us buying it, it won’t be, we’d restore the thing mechanically but leave its patina and suspend it with some clear coat. What about you?

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