Yee-Haw! Hennessey C8 Corvette nails 328km/h

John Hennessey's tuned C8 Corvette hits 320km/h

Known for building quick cars, Hennessey’s tweaked C8 Corvette has just been clocked at 328km/h – the first C8 to go faster than 320km/h.

It’s taken around seven years for John Hennessey and his crew to eke out an extra 5mph from a Corvette. Back in 2013, Hennessey drove a C7 Corvette to 200.6mph (320.96km/h).

Fast forward to just the other day and, during validation for a new exhaust system, 15-time SCCA National Champion, retired director of the GM Performance Vehicles Division and current Chief Engineer of Hennessey’s Venom F5 program, John “Heinrocket” Heinricy, floored a brand-new C8 Corvette to 328km/h.

John Hennessey's tuned C8 Corvette hits 320km/h

Hennessey didn’t waste any time either, only taking possession of the ‘Vette back in March. Sprinkling some black magic onto the thing (like Nitrous Oxide), Hennessey wheeled the C8 out onto a section of track at Continental Tires’ test facility at Uvalde in Texas. Not long after that, the thing stopped the VBox GPS clock at 328km/h, becoming not just stupid-fast but the first C8 Corvette to break 320km/h.

“We designed a new stainless-steel exhaust system for the C8 that slightly increases power (20 hp), improves sound and is lighter by around 12 pounds,” said company founder and chief horsepower evangelist, John Hennessey.

The exhaust system will be available for punters soon as will a twin-turbo upgrade for the C8, along with the usual Hennessey extras of upgraded wheel and tyres, suspension & brake upgrades, carbon fibre body components and more.

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