Zero Labs modular EV platform for classic cars is a game changer

Zero Labs modular EV platform for classic cars

All you have to do is bring your own body and you can transform your classic gas guzzler into an electric shock.

The internal combustion engine is absolutely on its last legs which is why car makers have all of a sudden accelerated their electric vehicle development. And while those rolling around in classic cars think this shift away from running dead dinosaur essence doesn’t apply to them, it does.

Sure, maybe not right now, but soon. And while there are a handful of businesses around the world that’ll happily take both your arms and legs to convert your classic machine into an electric runabout, we reckon Zero Labs might have just changed the game.

Zero Labs modular EV platform for classic cars

Yep, hip US electric car conversion brand, Zero Labs, has just revealed its modular EV platform that’ll be available to everyone from next year. There are four distinct categories of vehicle that this new platform will work under, including Classic 4x4s (1947-1975); Classic Muscle (Pre-1975); Classic 2dr Coupe (1948-1975); and Classic Pick-Up (1947-1975). 

The modular platform offers the choice of two battery packs, an 85/100kWh with the 100kWh battery pack offering a driving range of around 376km. Peak power is a claimed 440kW depending on whether you go for single or dual motors, and you’ll get IFS front and rear.

Zero Labs modular EV platform for classic cars

Zero Labs said it doesn’t want the platform referred to as a ‘stakeboard’ as it has with other makers. Rather, it said, “The world’s first complete power cooling and communication platform engineered specifically to transform your beloved gasoline or diesel classic vehicle into a clean energy hero”.

The choice is a 600hp dual-motor jobbie with the ability to drive on either one motor or both, you can have an extended range from the 100kWh battery pack, and you get adjustable Fox suspension or air suspension. Gearing can be swapped between high and low range or one or both motors. And you can choose standard brakes or beefy six-piston Brembos at the front and four-piston brakes at the rear.

Zero Labs modular EV platform for classic cars

The build process takes a claimed 30 days and sees the body removed and swapped onto a Zero Labs modular platform which should be more cost effective than the complicated transplant process that you currently have to undertake with a petrol-to-electric conversion.

No pricing has been announced with a limited release of the platform due next year. Stay tuned for more.

And, in the meantime, let us know in the comments what you think of this?

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