Review: Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll

Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll

This thing isn’t just for spanners…We take a closer look at the new Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll.

There’s every chance you’ve seen the Yorktown Tool Roll which arrives in Australia via the team over at by now. Well, the latest version of the Yorktown tool roll has landed Down Under – the Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll. It normally retails for $332.00 but right now it can be had from $324.95.

If you’re not familiar with the original Tool Roll, it is arguably the greatest way to store and carry tools, cooking gear, camping gear, 4×4 gear… just about anything you can fit into it really. 

The new Quick Detach model of the Yorktown Tool Roll brings all the same features as the original, from the four large pockets, heavy-duty USA-made YKK zips, 11 spanner and seven tool slots on the back, all the way through to the 1000D Cordura canvas material and a lifetime guarantee. Where it gets just that much better, is that those four large front pockets can now be detached from the roll itself with the newer model. 

So if you need the sockets and ratchet up the front of your rig, but the wire strippers down the back, you can take a pocket with you, to keep things organised, and save from losing them in the dust and dirt. Anyone who’s ever owned, then inadvertently lost a 10mm socket will understand why this feature is the greatest thing since sliced bread… Hell, I’m certain there’s still half a dozen 10mm sockets rolling around my shed I’ll never see again.

But despite this being called a Tool Roll, there is so much more you can use it for. Personally, I may have a couple of these (yes, I have a problem, and I’m seeking professional help). See, I’ve got three in my four-wheel drive. One holds the tools and gear that I need to fix any possible probable issues that arise while out the back of the black stump travelling solo. The next one carries all the cooking and fire gear. Cooking utensils in one pouch, adults eating gear in the next, and kids in the next, with fire-starting gear (lighters, matches, fire-starters) in the last. That means the roll gets laid out on the camping table, the kids have their own pouch, that they look after, and return once their gear is clean and dried. That helps us keep things in order, and know where everything is at any given moment; or will be used to start an argument as to who hasn’t cleaned their knife and fork.

And the last one that I have tucked away in the back of the four-wheel drive is actually hanging over the back of my seat. It’s doubling as a gear pouch and back-seat organiser, carrying the hand-held UHFs, pens, pencils, Kestrel (weather instrument), compass, maps, e-Trex GPS, and the ePIRB. Not to mention USB chargers, cables and the general nick-nacks that adorn the average glove box and centre console. So aside from keeping things organised, I can take the compass, hand-held UHF and GPS, maps, and the Kestrel with me, by grabbing two pouches off the back. And they’re Velcro, so I can attach them to my belt or backpack without a thought.

Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll

Being quality velcro, I’ve also got the ability to add extra pouches and attachments to the main tool roll, which, much to the better half’s chagrin, I’m actually about to order for my rear seat Yorktown Quick Detach Tool Roll. Have a go at the Mifflin Socket Rolls here, if you’re curious where my next lot of hard-earned is going. All in all, these things are an amazing bit of kit, that is absolutely top-notch quality, made in the USA, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Yorktown Quick Detatch Tool Roll – Key Features

  • Condensed Quick Roll for Throw N Stow;
  • 4 Quick Detach Pockets;
  • 1 medium front pocket;
  • 11 wrench slot organizer;
  • 7 multipurpose tool slots;
  • Patriot made 1000D Cordura;
  • YKK USA made zippers;
  • 2 carrying handles secured by precision tack;
  • Smallest Wrench Slot: 5.5-inch x 1.375-inch;
  • Largest Wrench Slot: 8.875-inch x 2.375-inch; and
  • Lifetime Guarantee.

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