The all-electric 635hp Moby X reimagines the Porsche 935

Moby X

Look what dropped onto Instagram…it’s the Moby X being built by Bisimoto to pay homage to the Porsche 935.

Affectionately referred to as Moby Dick, the Porsche 935 (the racing version of the 911) had one hell of a tail. And here is what happens when you get a bunch of designers (one of ‘em better known for designing cars for video games) collaborating, meet the Moby X by Bisimoto.

Not a lot is known about it other than the fact it’ll feature a 37kWh battery pack and Bisimoto’s three-phase electric motor setup, punching out 635hp. The pics were dropped on Instagram with the little more than the line that “something sinister is brewing”.

It’s not an exact replica of the 935…the original’s rear wing is missing for a start and the proportions are similar but slightly exaggerated on the Moby X.

So, Internet, what do you think?

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